Event Name: The Pop-Up Innovation Café
Location: Innovation Warehouse Portsmouth
Date: July 10th, 2013
Time: 6.45pm for 7-9
Cost: £10 a head payable on the night – light refreshments will be provided so please do book in advance on eventbrite
number of tickets 35
Hosted and facilitated by:Lynn Wade and Marian Way
Who is it for?
If you’re interested in innovation, meeting like-minded people, collaboration, developing good ideas, systems thinking, business startups, entrepreneurship, this event is for you. If you’re a local inventor, author, artist, innovator, please come and support this bottom-up event.
An event with a difference.
Not a networking meeting where you work the room and ply everyone with business cards. And not a presentation or talk where you passively listen to someone else’s words of wisdom…
Yes, we’ll be doing some talking and you’ll be doing networking. But these will happen as a by-product of the main purpose for being in the room, which is all about creating the conditions where innovation can flourish.
The Right Space .Did you know that many of the innovative ideas of our time were first conceived in cafes? The aptly-named Innovation Warehouse has been cleverly designed so the furniture can be reconfigured according to the needs of the group. So we’ll be configuring it café style. Chatting over a cup of tea or coffee is a great way to relax and get to know people, for trust to build, and for idea-sharing to begin. We might supply a piece of cake as well. 
The right people, and that means a mix of people. The kind of work you do doesn’t matter. You might be in retail or IT, HR or marketing. You might be an artist or designer, a business owner or director. A teacher or trainer, a health specialist or manufacturer. What matters is that you are interested in good ideas, where they come from, and how to harness them. How to put innovation into action.
Perhaps you have an idea and don’t know where to go with it next? Or maybe you’re out of ideas and need some inspiration? Perhaps you’re looking for someone to collaborate with? Or maybe you are working on a great innovative idea and want some feedback or some help to take it to market? Wherever you are in the innovation process, come and be part of the mix.
What happens? We’ll show you round the innovation space, say a bit more about ‘conditions for innovation’ and then we’ll use innovative, clean* processes to facilitate an evening where you can:
              share and build on your own ideas
              gain more clarity about what you want
              connect with others whose ideas resonate with yours
              find potential collaborators
We also know that innovation takes time. So we’re hoping to whet your appetite for further café-style events, and we’ll be facilitating the whole group to discover what kind of group you would like to belong to. Come and be part of the mix, part of the journey.
*Clean processes are based around the idea that we know more than we think we do, and give us a way to tap into valuable ideas that are lurking in the back of our minds. The word ‘clean’ refers to a way of listening and asking questions which brings these ideas to the forefront  and develops them.
The evening will be hosted and facilitated by Lynn Wade and Marian Way. Lynn and Marian met at the Portsmouth launch party for Marians’ book, and have since determined to create and support a local innovation community that is about the mindset, the network, the values, the shared inspiration and the synchronicity… creating the conditions for innovation to emerge and flourish.
Marian Way
As co-inventor of the Weight Watchers Points Diet, Marian worked extensively in the UK and America developing training and programme initiatives that helped drive considerable growth for the organisation. Marian then set up her own business as a coach and behaviour change specialist, becoming one of the world’s leading trainers of a methodology called Clean Language. This year (2013) Marian has published an authoritative text book on the clean approach to coaching, is training coaches in Japan and America as well as the UK, and will be running a UK masterclass for the Institute of Leadership and Management.
Lynn Wade 
Lynn is a seasoned General Manager from the fast moving IT industry, with 24 startups in 30 years – some running concurrently! A few fell at the pilot stage, but one generated over £50million in revenues  under Lynn’s leadership. Lynns second career, as an Interim Change Director, included the restructure of a $100m pan-European consulting business, and the kickstart of global cloud services.Since training as a Clean Coach, Lynn has become the self appointed Chief Fan of Clean Systems Thinking in business.