Had a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast meeting – full of ideas and possibilities for someones new business.

There was also the conversation,  now very familiar, about the process of focus..and the one about risk…and short term cash flow..and whether to keep the ‘old career’ going part -time.

If you find yourself in that natural circular thinking – Here are 3 Top Tips:

  1. If you havnt got 6 months of ‘living money’ in the bank, keep working in the old career so you can phase into the new; negotiate part time hours or work on a contract basis if you have taken redundancy
  2. Have a Plan A and Plan B for both rapid success and slow success scenarios; knowing your limits, and responses to them reduces your fear factor
  3. Expect 6 months of ‘testing’ your ideas in the market – so don’t lock yourself in and do expect peaks and troughs of confidence and energy


never give up