well – yes! – if you’re in the IT industry. Cometh the new Financial Year, or two quarters of poor sales, commeth the Reaper.

Many of us even volunteer or manoevre our way onto the list, as a way out of a situation with a lump sum. Nice!

I’ve observed though, that  the wrench around our identity, routine,social  life and status can be harder to get your head around than you might expect and can result in people ‘hiding’ for a time.

The Five Stages of Grief are widely used to manage an organisational  change process and, apply equally well at a human level  if you’ve taken redundancy or lost a job:

I’ve adapted the model slightly to reflect the realities of job search in 2014:

  1. Denial & Isolation: You really did lose your job and you may need some time to process that loss. It happened. You cannot change that. You have to take steps in a forward direction and you have to get out there and use or build a network ‘cos that’s how most good job opportunities are created.
  2. Anger: It is natural to feel angry . . . for a while.  Regardless of the circumstances you have to let go of  anger to move on into the next chapter of your career. When your networking, Anger is not an attractive companion.
  3. Bargaining: If only you had handled things differently. If only you hadn’t . . . . If only you had . . . . Did you make the right decision?  – Hey – it’s a Big Corporate and beyond your control.
  4. Doldrums: Losing your job – even when you wanted that redundancy package – is tougher than you might be prepared for. Allow yourself a time and space to grieve. It’s natural.
  5. Acceptance: Move on. Process what you learned from the experience so that you can move forward positively. Accept what happened for what it was – a change. Don’t let it define you or your future by limiting what you want and who you choose to network with. Your network is your future.


Do you have a friend or ex-colleague whose ‘gone quiet’? Then give ’em an email over the weekend and offer a chat, or coffee, or a referral to a contact. Do  it now.Make a difference.