Top Tip #1 was all about knowing and using your strengths.

Top Tip #2 is to make sure you feel really good about using those strengths.


When you are clear about how to maximise the value of the work you do, both to yourself and in the eyes of others that you care about, your ability to get what you want in your career increases.

Things change , and sometimes you can end up feeling that you’re not in the right place anymore. You can really improve this by making small changes in your current work environment.

Start with booking a quiet 15 minutes in your diary to take the free career satisfaction audit available here, pin down what you want to improve, and write down the 3 actions you are going to take.


5 minute career satisfaction audit:click here

Note: Our Career Health Check is for experienced professionals, 35+ , contractors or employees, who want to  grow their career  – within their existing employer, a new employer or starting their own business.

Coaching is confidential , of course and also discrete – unless you want it otherwise. Interestingly, in a world where your employer, and manager, and future employer expect you to  pro-actively manage your career, being seen to have a Personal Career Coach can raise  your profile, kudos and ‘bonusability’. That choice is yours.