Redundancy can knock the wind out of your sails or be a huge opportunity.  Three Top IT recruiters share their Tips with Lynn Wade: The IT Career Coach.

build your network; build your career

the network is the career


” Be clear about what you want and Network till you get it “

       1. Take Time to Think, then Plan, then Do

       2. Create a Top Ten Target Employers List

       3. Work LinkedIn




Ceri Jenkins: EMEA recruiter for ForgeRock, gave this Top Tip:

“Avoid a knee jerk, think about what you want, then make your  plan”

  1. Understand that Recruiters know  redundancies aren’t personal
  2. Define what a job needs to have to make you happy
  3. Plan to get that job, and don’t accept the first thing if it won’t make you happy – it probably wont workout


Fleur Holland-Haque: Operations Director at Burns Sheehan  gave this Top Tip: “Work LinkedIn to connect, and re-connect, and find out who has plans to hire”

  1. Connect with all your LinkedIn contacts
  2. Re-connect with colleagues from 2 or 3 jobs back
  3. Advertise – change your LinkedIn status to say you are looking for a new opportunity.


Gavin Barnard: EMEA recruiter for VMware, gave this Top Tip:

“Build your network: create a ‘desired employer’ list, and reach out”

  1. Don’t be afraid to network.
  2. Identify who you would like to work for, find the dedicated recruiter and get in touch for a chat.
  3. Build a relationship. If you are a potential future hire, a good recruiter will be happy to talk to you regardless of whether there is a current vacancy.


Over 60 % of jobs are now filled via networking – including the ones openly posted on company websites and job boards.

When you find a job posted, checkout who you know at that company on LinkedIn. Then call and ask if they know  about the role, the recruiter, or the hiring manager. If they do, and they think you will fit, you should get an internal referral – and that’s worth a lot!  Don’t forget, many companies pay employees a referral bonus – so everyone wins!

Networking, and marketing your availability to people who know you, is Key to making Redundancy into an Opportunity. Many people have successfully taken VR and moved into new jobs, contract work or self-employment. If VR is an option for you, reach out to your network now and ask if there is an opportunity.



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