Redundancy, and the threat of redundancy, causes stress, but for people with a good length of service,  redundancy can be a positive life changer. If that’s you, take some time out to check for a silver lining.



Grab a cuppa,

Open Google,

Look at LinkedIn jobs,

and do the research quickly.

2 hours could change your career forever!


3 key conditions that turn redundancy into an Opportunity:

  1. You have in demand skills  locally. Find 95% of vacancies on and LinkedIn. Search by ‘distance from’.
  2. Your network can get you a contract or an interview. Get in touch and ask the question!
  3. You have a business idea you can test quickly. Ask 10 potential clients/buyers if they would buy.


If the answer is an immediate yes, take a breath and think about what Opportunity redundancy could give you in terms of lifestyle choice and income. When you put 6 or 12 months salary in the bank, you have new options. What would you do given 12 months to make it happen?


And if the conditions are not right, follow these Tips from 3 top UK  recruiters:

       1. Take Time to Think, then Plan, then Do

       2. Create a Top Ten Target Employers List

       3. Work LinkedIn


You can read the full article here.



Lynn Wade: The IT Career Coach has hired and managed some of the best in the business! Lynn coaches people and teams to be the best. Email   Follow Lynn on twitter @itcareercoachin