Most of my clients and friends  are ‘decision workers’ paid to reach actionable decisions quickly.  Very quickly. The average adult time to think before making a decision is less than 6 seconds. Often the faster the decision the greater the kudos!

Lit Matches in a row


Try this simple technique to probe below the surface and deepen your thinking  for critical personal decisions:

Ask yourself ‘Why’ at least 6 times in a row…Your brain may try to duck out earlier,  but keep going until you reach the end for a better quality of understanding.

Why am I staying in a job I don’t like? To earn money

Why? So I can enjoy great holidays

Why? So my life has more fun in it

Why? Because I hate the job

Why? Because I feel trapped and don’t know how to get out

Why? Because I haven’t developed a Plan B – OK now I have an action to move forward with.


In the past week I’ve had 3 consultations where asking  ‘Six Whys’ is helpful :

Why am I afraid to take VR?

Why am I avoiding networking with old colleagues for a job?

Why can’t I apply for that promotion?


Which  ‘Why’ can you start with?