Are you paying enough attention to your Career Success?

Are you too busy ‘doing’ to take stock of what you are actually ‘getting’ ?


Answer these 10 questions on a scale of  1 – 5 , 5 being most favourable.


 3 minute career focus checker

                 1 – 5

 1. Professional Fit

How much do you enjoy what you do?

Is this what you want to be doing with your life?

 2. Future Career Path

Do you know what it is you want?

How much will this job help get it?

 3. Belonging

Are you part of a strong team?

Do you have a great Boss?

 4. Reward and recognition

Is your salary package fair?

Do you get recognition and rewards that make you feel great?

 5. Work/Life balance

Do you have the work/life balance that you want?

Do you have the work life balance that others want for you?


                                                            Total Score     …………………………….


40 – 50 ..whoohoo, time to party

25 – 40 ..time to do some thinking

< 25 ..Time to Take Action !


What could you do, if you put your mind to it?

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