Tough Decision to Make?.. 6 tips for deeper thinking

Most of my clients and friends  are ‘decision workers’ paid to reach actionable decisions quickly.  Very quickly. The average adult time to think before making a decision is less than 6 seconds. Often the faster the decision the greater the kudos!

Lit Matches in a row


Try this simple technique to probe below the surface and deepen your thinking  for critical personal decisions:

Ask yourself ‘Why’ at least 6 times in a row…Your brain may try to duck out earlier,  but keep going until you reach the end for a better quality of understanding.

Why am I staying in a job I don’t like? To earn money

Why? So I can enjoy great holidays

Why? So my life has more fun in it

Why? Because I hate the job

Why? Because I feel trapped and don’t know how to get out

Why? Because I haven’t developed a Plan B – OK now I have an action to move forward with.


In the past week I’ve had 3 consultations where asking  ‘Six Whys’ is helpful :

Why am I afraid to take VR?

Why am I avoiding networking with old colleagues for a job?

Why can’t I apply for that promotion?


Which  ‘Why’ can you start with?

Want To Find a Great Employer? 5 Key UK Sites

When you start a job search  create a target list of 10 employers to focus your campaign on.  Having a targeted job search programme will increase your chances of getting the job you want, and make you standout at interview as professional, focussed and dynamic.

always check out reviews of employers!

Always check to see who you know at a company who can give you the inside track and a job referral.

If you don’t have an inside contact, these sites will help you research and profile employers. Just click on the links below:


Find more useful Career Info     here

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3 Signs Redundancy Has a Silver Lining

Redundancy, and the threat of redundancy, causes stress, but for people with a good length of service,  redundancy can be a positive life changer. If that’s you, take some time out to check for a silver lining.



Grab a cuppa,

Open Google,

Look at LinkedIn jobs,

and do the research quickly.

2 hours could change your career forever!


3 key conditions that turn redundancy into an Opportunity:

  1. You have in demand skills  locally. Find 95% of vacancies on and LinkedIn. Search by ‘distance from’.
  2. Your network can get you a contract or an interview. Get in touch and ask the question!
  3. You have a business idea you can test quickly. Ask 10 potential clients/buyers if they would buy.


If the answer is an immediate yes, take a breath and think about what Opportunity redundancy could give you in terms of lifestyle choice and income. When you put 6 or 12 months salary in the bank, you have new options. What would you do given 12 months to make it happen?


And if the conditions are not right, follow these Tips from 3 top UK  recruiters:

       1. Take Time to Think, then Plan, then Do

       2. Create a Top Ten Target Employers List

       3. Work LinkedIn


You can read the full article here.



Lynn Wade: The IT Career Coach has hired and managed some of the best in the business! Lynn coaches people and teams to be the best. Email   Follow Lynn on twitter @itcareercoachin


5 Reasons to Hire an IT Career Coach: by Information Week

5 Reasons To Hire An IT Career Coach (via InformationWeek)

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How is Your Career Anyway?



Are you paying enough attention to your Career Success? Or, are you too busy ‘doing’ to take stock of what you are actually ‘getting’?


Take our 3 minute Career Checker and see how you make out.


Ask yourself these 10 questions and give yourself a rating, on a scale of  1 – 5 , 5 being most favourable.


 3 Minute Career Success Checker 

                 1 – 5

 1. Professional Fit

How much do you enjoy what you do?

Is this what you want to be doing with your life?

 2. Future Career Path

Do you know what it is you want?

How much will this job help get it?

 3. Belonging

Are you part of a strong team?

Do you have a great Boss?

 4. Reward and recognition

Is your salary package fair?

Do you get recognition and rewards that make you feel great?

 5. Work/Life balance

Do you have the work/life balance that you want?

Do you have the work life balance that others want for you?


                                                            Total Score     …………………………….


40 – 50 ..whoo hoo, time to party

25 – 40 ..time to do some thinking

< 25 ..Time to Take Action!


What could you do, if you put your mind to it?

ps: if you did this Checker in 60 seconds or less, you may not be taking your career seriously enough!



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Redundancy? Get Tips From Three UK Hiring Experts

Redundancy can knock the wind out of your sails or be a huge opportunity.  Three Top IT recruiters share their Tips with Lynn Wade: The IT Career Coach.

build your network; build your career

the network is the career


” Be clear about what you want and Network till you get it “

       1. Take Time to Think, then Plan, then Do

       2. Create a Top Ten Target Employers List

       3. Work LinkedIn




Ceri Jenkins: EMEA recruiter for ForgeRock, gave this Top Tip:

“Avoid a knee jerk, think about what you want, then make your  plan”

  1. Understand that Recruiters know  redundancies aren’t personal
  2. Define what a job needs to have to make you happy
  3. Plan to get that job, and don’t accept the first thing if it won’t make you happy – it probably wont workout


Fleur Holland-Haque: Operations Director at Burns Sheehan  gave this Top Tip: “Work LinkedIn to connect, and re-connect, and find out who has plans to hire”

  1. Connect with all your LinkedIn contacts
  2. Re-connect with colleagues from 2 or 3 jobs back
  3. Advertise – change your LinkedIn status to say you are looking for a new opportunity.


Gavin Barnard: EMEA recruiter for VMware, gave this Top Tip:

“Build your network: create a ‘desired employer’ list, and reach out”

  1. Don’t be afraid to network.
  2. Identify who you would like to work for, find the dedicated recruiter and get in touch for a chat.
  3. Build a relationship. If you are a potential future hire, a good recruiter will be happy to talk to you regardless of whether there is a current vacancy.


Over 60 % of jobs are now filled via networking – including the ones openly posted on company websites and job boards.

When you find a job posted, checkout who you know at that company on LinkedIn. Then call and ask if they know  about the role, the recruiter, or the hiring manager. If they do, and they think you will fit, you should get an internal referral – and that’s worth a lot!  Don’t forget, many companies pay employees a referral bonus – so everyone wins!

Networking, and marketing your availability to people who know you, is Key to making Redundancy into an Opportunity. Many people have successfully taken VR and moved into new jobs, contract work or self-employment. If VR is an option for you, reach out to your network now and ask if there is an opportunity.



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You can see Fleur, Gavin and Ceri’s LinkedIn profile by clicking on their name


Lynn Wade: The IT Career Coach has hired and managed some of the best in the business! Lynn coaches people and teams to be the best they can be. Email   Follow Lynn on twitter @itcareercoachin

Top Tips to pass the Sales Job phone screen

Always be prepared. Successful candidates for sales roles are those who have fluid business conversations with the recruiter” says Ceri Jenkins: EMEA recruiter at ForgeRock, 

Ceri is talking with Lynn Wade: The IT Career Coach, about how to Ace a first phone  interview.

“Recruiters spend a lot of time screening, so stand out by being prepared, and you’ll be  half way there. Sales is all about  leverage, so spend  your time talking about who you know, what you know, and how that will benefit the employer.”

Ceri has  4 Top Tips to stand out from the IT sales crowd:

Competition in business


1. Know Your Numbers!

2. Nail Your Research!

3. Be Focussed and Open!

4. Know what defines you




With over 8 years in software recruiting across EMEA Ceri has some simple advise: ‘ The Golden Rule for CV’s is keeping to 2 pages, and the same principles apply for the screening interview – keep to the facts, be concise and be memorable.”

Use these Top Tips to help you pass the sales phone screen:


Tip 1: Know Your Numbers!

” It’s the first question that gets asked. Candidates who say they’ll have to ‘look it up and get back to you’ don’t give a good impression. If you are in sales you really should have this to hand and ready to roll.

  • Targets and achievement
  • Size of deal by value and number of users
  • Client names of public deals


Tip 2: Nail Your Research!

The recruiter will definitely warm to you if they don’t have to do the 10 minute basics overview about the hiring company.

Any serious salesperson will also be able to demonstrate that they have researched the product, market, partners and competitors. Show that you have thought through how you will work within this ecosystem.


Tip 3: Be Focussed and Open

The recruiter will forget too much detail, so keep it at a high level so that your points are memorable.

  • Get straight to the point and avoid using sales clichés
  • Be upfront about any negatives, such as missing targets. Everyone is allowed one blip on their CV


Tip 4: Prepare to answer the ‘One Thing that Defines You’ questions

  • What is your proudest accomplishment?
  • What was your best deal?
  • Tell me about the biggest deal that you lost’?


Ceri Jenkins is EMEA recruiter for ForgeRock: open source identity management for the cloud.

contact Ceri at  Find out more at

Lynn Wade: The IT Career Coach has  hired and managed some of the best in the business! Lynn helps people be the best they can be, and get the rewards and recognition they value. Email